Máy chiếu cự li gần Epson EB-770Fi

Epson EB-770Fi Full HD 1080P 3LCD Laser Projector

The large, easy-to-read display for captivating interactive lessons.

Offering a large full HD interactive display up to 100", the EB-770Fi provides up to 75 percent more interactive space than a 75" flat panel—while providing a low cost per square inch. With 4,100 lumens of color and white brightness1 and proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology, the EB-770Fi delivers a remarkably bright and colorful picture that can be easily viewed in ambient light conditions, from nearly anywhere in the classroom.
Flexible and convenient, it supports standard 16:9 as well as ultra wide 21:9 and 16:6 displays with split screen2 to simultaneously display content from a PC or document camera beside an interactive whiteboard canvas. It also includes a 20,000-hour, virtually maintenance-free laser light source, so there are no lamps to purchase or replace—ever3.

  • 4,100 lumens of colour and white brightness1
  • Full HD 1080p resolution for exceptional image quality
  • Ultra wide 21:9 and 16:6 display with split screen2 support
  • Large interactive display up to 100" (16:9), 110" (16:6 and 21:9)
  • Multi-user capability for easy collaboration


Massive, Ultrawide clear content for a full, uncompromised learning/ meeting experience
Enjoy a dynamic wide screen viewing experience with our Ultra short-throw EB-770Fi. You may easily change the projection aspect depends on your working space. Maximum screen size is improved up to 150" diagonal for 16:9 aspect ratio*. 21:9 is newly available for EB-770Fi**.

*Without interactive function  
**Up to 142" diagonal without interactive function, 110" diagonal with interactive function  
Incredible image quality
Full HD 1080p resolution at an exceptional value; accepts 4K content.


See more, do more
Ultra wide 21:9 and 16:6 display with split screen2 support allows for simultaneous display of whiteboard and digital content


Interactive function
Using Epson EB-770Fi Interactive function, explore meaningful collaboration and discussion of big ideas. Comes with Advance Whiteboard function, two pens and six finger touch point to make collaborations a breeze.


Projection Technology:

Projection Technology: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system


White Light Output (Normal / Extended): 4,100lm / 2,800lmColour Light Output: 4,100lmContrast Ratio: Over 5,000,000 : 1


Analog Input: Computer In: 2
Composite: 1Digital Input: HDMI In: 3 (HDCP 2.3)Analog Output: Computer Out: 1 (Share with Computer2)Audio Input: Audio In: 3 (Stereo Mini)Audio Output: Audio Out: 1 (Stereo Mini)Mic I/O: Mic In: 1 (Stereo Mini)Control I/O: RS232C: 1 (D-sub 9pin)
Interactive Sync: 1 (Stereo Mini)
Finger Touch Unit Control: 1 (Mini DIN 8pin)

Type A: 2 (1 (Side): For PC Free, FW Update, Copy OSD Settings; 1 (Rear): For PC Free, FW Update, Copy OSD Settings or 5V/2A Power Supply)
Type B: 2 (For FW Update, Copy OSD Settings, USB Display)Network I/O: Wired LAN: 1 (RJ45)
Wireless LAN: 1 (Built-in and Optional)

Geometric Correction:

Vertical/Horizontal Keystone: ±3° / ±3°Quick Corner: Yes (Auto / Manual)

Operating Temperature:

Operating Temperature: 0 - 2,286 m (0 - 7,500 ft): 0 °C - 40 °C [32 °F - 104 °F ] ; 20% to 80% Humidity, No Condensation
Over 2,286 m (7,500 ft): 0 - 35 °C [32 °F - 95 °F] ; 20%-80% Humidity, No Condensation

Operating Altitude:

Operating Altitude: Over 1,500 m / 4,921 ft, with High Altitude Mode: 0 - 3,048 m (0 - 10,000 ft)

Start-Up Period:

Start-Up Period: Less than 10 seconds (Epson Logo)Quick Start-Up: Less than 5 seconds (Display)

Cool Down Period:

Cool Down Period: Instant Off

Internal Speaker(s):

Sound Output: 16W Mono


Weight: Weight: Approx. 6kg

Air Filter:

Type: Electrostatic FilterMaintenance Cycle (Normal / Extended) : 12,000 hours / 20,000 hours

Fan Noise:

Fan Noise (Normal / Eco): 37dB / 27dB

Dimension Excluding Feet:

Dimension Excluding Feet (D x W x H): 395 x 356 x 133


Noise Reduction: YesSuper-Resolution: YesDetail Enhancement: Yes

Wireless Specification (In-built wireless LAN and Screen Mirroring):

Supported Speed for Each mode : Infrastructure: IEEE 802.11b (2.4GHz): 11Mbps4, IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54Mbps4 IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2Mbps4,
IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54Mbps4, IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150Mbps4, IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 325Mbps4
Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct): IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54Mbps4, IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2Mbps4,
IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54Mbps4, IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150Mbps4, IEEE 802.11ac (5GHz): 325Mbps4Supported Mode : Infrastructure, Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct)
Wireless LAN Security
Infrastructure: OPEN, WPA2 / WPA3-PSK, WPA2 / WPA3-EAP
Supported EAP Type: PEAP, PEAP-TLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-Fast ;
Access Point (Wi-Fi Direct): WPA2-PSK (AES)


Power Supply Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption (220-240V):

Lamp (Normal / Extended): 263W / 199WStandby: (Network On / Off): 2.0W / 0.5W

Direct Power On / Off:

Direct Power On / Off: Yes

Specifications of Main Parts:

LCD: Size: 0.62” (C2Fine)
Resolution: Full HDLightsource: Type: Laser Diode
Life (Normal / Quiet / Extended): 20,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 hrsProjection Lens: Type: No Optical Zoom / Focus (Manual)
F-Number: 1.60
Focal Length: 3.7mm
Zoom Ratio: 1 – 1.35 (Digital Zoom)
Throw Ratio: 0.25 – 0.35Screen Size (projected distance): Standard: 77” screen 43.3cm
Zoom (Wide):
49” to 123” (32.5 – 89.3 cm) @ 4:3
56” to 140” (32.5 – 89.3 cm) @ 16:6
60” to 150” (32.5 – 89.3 cm) @ 16:9
55” to 139” (32.5 – 89.3cm) @ 16:10
57” to 142” (39.4 – 85.3cm) @21:9
Zoom (Wide): (With Interactive function)
59.9” to 100” (32.5 – 57.7 cm) @ 16:9
55.4” to 100” (32.5 – 71.8 cm) @ 16:10
48.9” to 100” (32.5 – 62.8 cm) @ 4:3
55.7” to 110” (32.5 – 69.2 cm) @ 16:6
56.8” to 110” (32.5 – 67.8cm ) @21:9

Ghi chú:

1 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

2 Consult your user manual for split screen input combinations.

3 No required maintenance for the light source for up to 20,000 hours. Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 - 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environment. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.

4 Maximum speed and range is achievable when used with same enhanced mode technology. Actual data rates, features and performance may vary depending on your computer system, the environment and other factors.