Trang chủ Be Cool: PaperLab

The Sustainable Way To Securely Destroy And Upcycle Paper

PaperLab is the world’s first dry process office paper making system1 that turns waste paper into new paper, using a virtually dry process2. powered by Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology. This revolutionary on-demand solution enables your business to securely destroy sensitive information, recycle, reduce its societal and environmental impact and take control of paper supplies.

Complete Peace Of Mind, On Demand

When data security is crucial for your business, PaperLab delivers absolute certainty that key confidential waste is safely and effectively destroyed. It removes toner and inks and reduces the waste paper into fibers. This means information stays safely on site with no need to trust external contractors.

New, More Sustainable Paper In Minutes

Able to produce paper at high speed and in a range of formats and finishes on demand, PaperLab has the versatility your business needs. In 3 minutes3, you’ll have your first sheet of recycled paper, ready to be used with your printers and copiers.

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1. PaperLab is the first office paper making system to use a dry process, based on Epson research conducted in November 2016.
2. A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.
3. Approximate values. Output speed, first sheet out time may vary depending on environmental conditions.