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PaperLab is the world’s first dry process office paper making system 1 that turns waste paper 2 into new paper using a virtually dry process 3 powered by Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology. This revolutionary on-demand solution enables your business to securely destroy sensitive information, recycle and reduce societal and environmental impact, as well as add value to your paper output and take control of your paper supplies.


Recycling: Turn waste paper into new paper


Upcycling: Add value to new paper on demand


Security: Securely destroy sensitive information


Our revolutionary process

A combination of three processes is used to turn used paper into new paper – defibrating, binding and forming. Unlike traditional processes, PaperLab does not use water during the paper making process. This virtually dry process 3 makes it possible to produce fresh, new sheets of paper in a small, localised cycle.


Used Paper


Removes all ink and toner and reduces the waste paper 2 to its fibers.


Brings the clean fibers back together, strengthening them and forming new paper to a specified colour and weight.


Forms the paper by pressing, then cuts the new paper into A4 or A3 sheets.

New Paper

Dry Fiber Paper


Create high-performance materials by defibrating, binding, and transforming raw materials to their respective applications

In turn, this technology helps contribute to a circular economy in the following ways:

Preservation of water resources as PaperLab paper requires up to 99% less water*

Reduction of carbon dioxide

Conservation of wood resources

Destroy and recycle sensitive documents in a flash

Data security is crucial to your business, PaperLab delivers absolute certainty that key confidential waste is safely and effectively destroyed. It removes toner and inks, and channels the waste paper2 back to its fibres. Your information stays safely on site and is never entrusted to external contractors.

Upcycle and create paper on demand

PaperLab has the versatility your business needs. It can produce up to 720 A4 sheets or 360 A3 sheets per hour4 after the first sheet has been produced, which equates to 5,760 sheets per 8-hour work cycle. First sheet-out time is is 3 minutes 4. This recycled paper can be used with ordinary laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers.


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Epson’s small paper cycle

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How to use PaperLab A-8000

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  1. PaperLab is the first office paper making system to use a dry process, based on Epson research conducted in November 2016
  2. PaperLab can use ordinary A3 and A4 -sized copy as a raw material
  3. A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.
  4. Approximate values. Output speed, first sheet out time may vary depending on environmental conditions.
  5. * Source: Estimated by Prof. Itsubo Laboratory, Faculty of Environment, Tokyo City University. Materials of P.R.VAN OEL & A.Y. HOEKSTRA (2010). Quote of Calculated value of National Research and Development Agency Japan Science and Technology