Epson Digital Colour Spectrophotometer SD-10

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Going digital with colour management is now easier than ever with the SD-10, Epson’s first portable digital colour spectrophotometer. Businesses can save precious time on printing workflow with Spot colour-matching acceleration and a user-friendly colour management system. With the lightweight device, you can easily and quickly compare colours, measure colour values, and reproduce the colour. Eliminate the hassle of analogue colour matching today!

  • Epson’s first Digital Colour Spectrophotometer
  • Great portability weighing just 190g 
  • In-built LCD screen and battery
  • Epson Spectrometer App
  • Standalone spectroscopic device for hassle-free operation


Marrying portability with precision in colour matching, the Epson SD-10 digital colour spectrophotometer measures colours with high accuracy while on the go with high reliability. Engineered to ensure the ease of colour management, the SD-10 is especially useful for designers and businesses in the printing and art industry where it is essential to have highly accurate colour matching on the prints.

Eliminate the time-intensive process of colour matching in an analogue workflow by going digital with SD-10. Instead of going through multiple visual checking and data adjusting, let Epson’s digital colour spectrophotometer do the spot colour matching and reproduce exact colours, helping your business save on valuable time and costly manpower.

Lightweight & Portable
The compact SD-10 weighs only 186g and is highly portable with its own carrying case and wrist strap.

Network-free & PC-less Operation
Operate the SD-10 as a stand-alone unit without needing a PC or connecting to any network. The digital colour spectrophotometer is equipped with a LCD display and built-in battery for lasting operation, and is easily chargeable via USB Type C cable.

Epson Spectrometer App
Connect to the mobile application via Bluetooth*1  to store the colour data and for easy reference in the future.

Wide Range of Software Compatibility
Using USB Type C*2 or via Bluetooth*3, you can easily connect to a wide selection of creative softwares to facilitate designing and printing process.

Main Unit Cover (Optional)
A sleek, durable shield that ensures lasting protection and adds a touch of professionalism to your workspace. Safeguard your device from dust, scratches, and spills, while preserving its pristine appearance.

Alignment Guide (Optional)
Unlock the full potential of your spectrophotometer with the optional Alignment Guide. Achieve precise scans on an exact spot or effortlessly read colours across a larger target area.

Graphical Information
Get all the colour-related information including the measurement figures and similar colours via the SD-10 app in both graphics and text. With gamut in/out profile, businesses can know immediately if the identified colour is printable or not.

Easy Colour Comparison
Colour inspection and verification is made easy as the colours can be easily and quickly compared and checked against previous measurement records.

Trong hộp có gì:

  • Set Up Guide*
  • Storage case
  • Strap
  • USB Type A to C cable
  • Certificate of calibration

Environmental Characteristics:

Temperature: Operating: 0 ºC – 40 ºC (Spot Mode) / 0 ºC – 35 ºC (Scan Mode) Storage: -20 ºC – 60 ºCHumidity: Operating: 5 – 85% (No Condensation)
Storage: 5 – 85% (No Condensation)

Dimensions and Weight:

Weight: Approx. 190g (Without Stand)Shutter Opened (W x D x H): 35 X 80 X 77.6 mmShutter Closed (W x D x H): 35 x 80 x 80 mm

Electrical Specifications:

Voltage: 5V


Compatible Epson Software: Epson Edge Print Pro / Epson Spectrometer App

Colour Measurements:

Technology: Spectroscopic DeviceSpectral Range: 400 – 700nmSampling Interval: 20nmPhotometric Range: 10 nm (Interpolation by software)Measurement Frequency: 13 times measurement per second (Scanning Mode)Measurement Geometry: 45º Circumferential / Normal Geometry (45º c : 0º)Measurement Aperture: Φ 7.6mmLight Source: LED (Including UV)Measurement Conditions: M0: Including UV light component, ISO 13655:2017 measurement condition M0
M1e: D50 - Including UV light component, measurement conditions equivalent to ISO 13655:2017 measurement condition
M1 (Measurement conditions held with a radiant power at all wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm, and power ratios in the 300 to 400 nm and 400 to 500 nm regions similar to D50)
M2: Without UV, ISO 13655:2017 measurement condition M2Calibration: White reference built in the sensor coverScan Length: 400mmInter-Instrument Agreement: 0.4 or less ΔE00 average
1.0 or less ΔE00 maximum
Deviation from SD-10 manufacturing standard for 12 BCRA colour tiles (D50, 2˚)
Ambient temperature 23˚C (73.4˚F), humidity 50%Short Term Repeatability: 0.1 ΔE00 White ; 0.1 ΔE94 White
Average of 10 measurements every 3 seconds on white tile (D50, 2˚)
Ambient temperature 23˚C (73.4˚F), humidity 50%Colour difference from BCRA tile: Calibration value 1.0 or less Δ E00 average
Deviation from the colour measurement value for 12 BCRA colour tiles (D50, 2°) by a measuring instrument traceable to the national metrological standard
Ambient temperature 23˚C (73.4˚F), humidity 50%


Supported Language: English / French / German / Dutch / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Turkish / Russian / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Japanese

Battery Specification:

Battery Type: Lithium ion batteryBattery Capacity: 1,860mAh


USB Interface: USB Type-C
USB 2.0 Full-SpeedMemory: Number of saved data at Stand-alone (Spot Mode): 100 ColoursBluetooth: BLE Bluetooth Low Energy

Ghi chú:

* PDF user guide is provided on the web/CD-ROM of Open-Source software license document.

*1 SD-10 can connect to smartphone via Bluetooth.

*2 SD-10 can connect to PC via USB-C cable.

*3 Requires Epson Edge Print Ver. 4.1 or later.