Secure the scanner with built-in authentication function to preventing unauthorised usage of the device without additional software. Improve document security and distribute documents automatically based on each user's account information.

Enhance Document Security by Authentication Function

Secure the scanner to prevent unauthorised usage with user ID and card readers. Automatically route documents based on log in user ID with “Scan to Me functions”.

Improve Convenience

Improve convenience by starting the scan job automatically upon authenticating with auto scan feature. It helps to create a clean and safe environment by minimizing the touch points.

Simplify Workflow and Automatic Routing

Customise the layout of One-touch Functions to display on the device and assign pre-sets to each user for easy operation.

Administer and Manage Accounts

Manage up to 50 user accounts locally on the device database or unlimited with LDAP server.

Document Tracing and Accountability

Locate documents easily with job logs to account for usage by user ID level with reporting function.
*Epson Device Admin is required for making reports