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Epson ColorWorks C7510

Product Models displayed on this website may be available in certain regions only.


Introducing Epsons first industrial colour label printer with PrecisionCore printhead technology that functions outstandingly in a high-mix environment.

      • Print Width: 46mm to 108mm
      • Print Resolution: 600dpi x 1200 dpi
      • Print Speed: 300mm/sec or 150mm/sec
      • Colour: CMYK individual ink cartridge


Hassle-free Colour Labels On-Demand

Designed to meet the needs of customers, the C7510G colour label printer leads the ColorWorks Series in print volume and is capable of high-mix applications. It allows you to produce multiple colour label variations from blank labels, eliminating the traditonal two-step label printing process. It simplifies the print process to improve product identification and productivity whilst eliminating your excess inventory.


Meet your regulatory requirements within the chemical industry with GHS-compliant labels.


Precision and Clarity

Featuring PrecisionCore printhead technology, Epson's most advance printhead architecture, it is the driving force behind Epson's lead in both quality and quantity output. This translates to a reliable colour label printer that delivers both consistency and swift printing to meet your needs.


Clarity in Printing

UltraChrome DL ink ensures printouts on glossy and other media stays clear and crisp with easy-to-read text and along with the appropriate media, printouts are smudge, fade and water resistant.


Astounding Print Speed

With a print speed of up to 300mm/sec, you can swiftly print full colour labels, rivalling speeds of incumbent thermal monochrome printers.

The C7510G label printer executes roll-to-roll operations with the option of a take-up-unit ensuring that overall productivity is increased.


Selectve Ink Cartridge Replacement

The C7510G label printer functions with consolidation of individual CMYK ink cartridges which mean ink wastage is now a thing of the past. Only replace empty ink cartridges to fully maximise cost savings and greatly reduce production time.


Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT)

The C7510G label printer produces consistent and reliable quality printouts every time with minimal user intervention through its NVT that works behind the scense to detect and revive blocked nozzles back to maximum operating performance.

Ghi chú:

Usage Restrictions:

  • When this product is used for applications requiring high reliability / safety such as  transportation devises related to aviation, rail, marine, automotive etc.; disaster prevention  devises; various safety devise etc; or functional / precision devise etc, you should use this product only after giving consideration by inclusion of fail-safes and redundancies into your design to maintain safety and total system reliability. Because this product was not intended for use in applications requiring extremely high reliability / safety such as aerospace equipment, main communication equipment, nuclear power control equipment, or medical equipment related to direct medical care etc, please make your own judgment on this product's suitability after full evaluation.
  • Epson ColorWorks ink is not intended for direct food contact printing.