Public Sector Solutions

Epson makes the accountable difference. 

Serve the Public with Epson Public Sector Solutions

Organisations in the public sector can concentrate on providing excellence. From network-ready scanners to high-capacity business inkjet printers, Epson Public Sector Solutions help you be confident that your service to the community is always at its best.

The Details in Action: Inspiring Success Stories

High Productivity, Low Running Cost

The Indonesia National Board of Narcotics needed a printing solution for documents and photos that ensured high productivity with low running cost. Epson printers were chosen, and implemented throughout the organisation.

Armed for Tight Deadlines

The Austrian Army’s repo centres demand excellence when selecting equipment. With Epson printers installed, they are achieving high-quality results at rapid speeds.

Hỗ trợ cộng đồng. Từng nhãn đặc trưng riêng.

Cơ quan cải cách vùng Nông nghiệp (DAR) tại Philippines đã đầu tư mua máy in phun nhãn màu ColorWorks C3510 và thuê một nhà cung cấp dịch vụ chuyên nghiệp để hỗ trợ nông dân thiết kế cũng như in nhãn sản phẩm tuân thủ chứng nhận FDA. Đây là một cách giúp nông dân tiếp thị sản phẩm của họ – có nhãn mác, mẫu mã và bao bì sản phẩm đẹp.

Essential Solutions for The Public Sector

Epson has the innovative technology that can help you work more efficiently, beat budget restrictions and provide the best possible service. 

Print with Precision and Confidence

There’s no margin for error in the Public Sector. The Epson SureColor SC-T5730DM ensures that you are empowered to print with stunning quality and accuracy.

Enhance the Efficiency of your Business

Take control of Public Sector printing expenses. The Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 delivers superior quality at lightning fast speeds – and within budget. 

Project Big Images in Small Spaces

With Public Sector restraints, presentations may have to made in tight spaces. The Epson EB-1485Fi ultra-short throw projector gives you superb large-scale images whatever the size of the room.

Safeguard your Sensitive Information

Keeping large volumes of data confidential is vital for any Public Sector organisation. The Epson WorkForce DS-790WN gives the secure scanning you need, plus and the ability to manage documents more efficiently. 

Enjoy a Cost-effective Printing Solution

Fast and economical without compromising on the print quality, the Epson L6290 ink tank printer helps you work more efficiently, and help you beat Public Sector budget restrictions.

Ease Your Way through Presentations

The Epson EB-810E lets you navigate between presentation slides simply by hovering your hand over an on-screen button. A brilliant feature on a brilliant projector.

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