Trang chủ Product Showcase: Label Printers

Epson Digital Label Printers

Flexibility. Details make the difference.
Choose from a range of solutions that enable you to print or press the labels you need, when you want.

Find the Right Fit for Your Business

Whatever the size or needs of your business, there’s an Epson digital label printer or press that’s ideal for you. Take a look at the range, which includes industrial, desktop and handheld models.
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Brand-quality Labels and Packaging

SurePress L-4533AW
Accurate yet affordable. A digital label press that delivers exceptional print quality, consistent colour reproduction and precise colour matching across a wide range of substrates, whenever you want.
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Tags. Tickets. Labels, including GHS.

ColorWorks C3510
This on-demand digital label printer lets you colour-code individual labels, to ensure that different products can be easily and safely identified. It’s highly reliable, and cost-effective without compromising on quality.

On-the-go, On-demand Labels

LabelWorks LW-Z900FK
An ergonomically designed hand-held label printer, with intuitive short-cut keys. Provides continuous label printing, for heavy-duty asset or cable management, that meets industrial standards.

The Details in Action: Inspiring Success Stories

Importance of Labels in Safety and Compliance

For GMF AeroAsia, one of the largest aircraft maintenance companies in the region, labels are a critical part of their business. With the Epson ColorWorks C3510, they are able to print high quality, durable and customisable labels for thousands of tools and spare parts, on demand and in whatever quantity they want.
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