Simplify your scanning tasks with scan workflows. Scan, edit and manage documents with customised workflows, apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and upload documents to popular cloud storage services.

Built-in OCR Engine

Create searchable PDF documents for easy search of keywords. Sort documents and file naming by OCR detection. Create custom indexes* by fixed area data capturing.

* Custom index function for MFPs requires the purchase of Document Capture Pro – Enhanced OCR option.

View And Edit Images With A Simple Interface

Make simple edits to scanned images immediately using functions such as add, remove, rotate or rearrange pages before saving it as your output file.

Convert Paper Documents into Editable Formats

Save scanned images as editable formats: DOCX, XLSX and PPTX*.

* PPTX is not supported for Document Capture (Mac).

Customised Scan Workflows

Assign up to 30 customised workflow settings on the device panel for convenient walk-up scanning operation.

Versatile output options

Scan and send documents directly to emails, folders, printers and popular cloud storage services.

Security and Accountability

Improve device and document security by preventing unauthorised scanner usage through password protection and locate and track documents using the Indexing Function.

Also available for Mac* users

Perform advanced document imaging functions and various “Scan To” functions. Searchable PDF and editable documents files can be created with built-in OCR capability.

* Automatic job separation and indexing function not supported for Mac version.

Sort documents efficiently

Sort documents into different files and folders by detecting Barcodes, OCR text, Patch Codes, Blank Pages, Number of Pages, Form Types and File size.

Passport MRZ Data Capture

Capture and output MRZ data from Passports and Travel Documents (TD1) by user-defined indexing function

Document Capture Pro Enhanced OCR*

Improves the capability of Optical Character Recognition with Enhanced OCR functions.

* This feature is available free of charge with selected business scanners.
For more information about product support and purchase: Please contact your local supplier.

Features of Document Capture Pro Enhanced OCR:

  • Improved OCR accuracy with Kofax OCR engine.
  • Extend the capability of character recognition supporting up to 29 languages including Asian language characters.
  • Enables User-defined Indexing function.

User Defined Index Function
Capture multiple areas of a document to capture and output the data to a file
Supported data type: Digital text OCR (not handwriting), Barcode detection
Max number of areas: Up to 10 OCR and 10 OBR fields (total is 20, max 10 each)
Data file supported: CSV, XML, TXT